Eastman Real Estate Sales Update

If you ask me, the housing market in the Eastman Community has turned the corner. Here are a few quick numbers:

Eastman Real Estate Home and Condo Sales:

From 01/01/2009 through 06/30/2009 there were 16 home and condo sales total.

From 07/01/2009 through 12/31/2009 there were 27 total home and condo sales.

If you were to take June out of the first half of the year there would be an even bigger slant towards the second half of the year and things really started to happen in June. For example in the first three months of 2009 there was one, that’s correct just one home sale in Eastman and that happened in late March.

Now if we look at what has happened year to date for 2010 (01/01/2010 through 03/30/2010) there have been 13 home and condo sales so far. Thirteen compared to one year over year. I’d say the market has changed!!

This is actually good news for sellers and demand is picking up, that should help stabilize prices, and I think we already have seen that. These numbers are impressive and rather clear. Coming out of the financial crisis of the fall of 08′ the housing market really died! By summer of 09′ it was picking back up and now we seem to be on a good pace.

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