Eastman Home Sales, Up Big In 2010 Year To Date

There are some very positive numbers here if your a seller. The real estate market has improved dramatically since last year. Here are a few numbers for you to look at.

From January 1st, 2009 through May 31st 2009 there were nine homes and one condo sold. For the same time period this year twenty six homes have sold and 3 condos sold.

That’s nearly a 300% increase in sales! If we can keep this pace up, there will be 62 home sales this year. That’s not a bad year at all.

Condo sales are better than last year but still seem to be lagging the home market. If we figure our average sales for most years, totals of over 20 units a year, this year we are on pace to sell a total of 7. That’s not good, but condo selling season is just getting under way. I am confident that by years end, sales in condos will be respectable.

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