Eastman Real Estate First Half Statistics 10′

It’s very hard to believe that half of 2010 is behind us. Two of the best things I can say about this year is the weather has been mild, not that much snow and finally a real summer with heat and sunshine. More importantly home sales are up HUGE!!!

Sales are up just over 225% when you compare the first sixth months of 2010 to 2009. In 09′ there were just fourteen home sales compared to 32 home sales this year. The first 6 months of 2010 equaled the entire amount of home sales for the year in 2009. How does that sound for an improving market?

As for condos and land the numbers are not nearly as good. In the same time periods used for home sales, condo sales totaled 3 in 2010 and just 2 in 2009. Land sales, there was only one in 09′ and 2010 has seen 2.

Here is where the debate comes in: Has the market really turned? Web site traffic is down, sales are up. Is the buyer pool stronger because only the most financially sound buyers are left? Did the tax credits that the government had in place really drive sales? Now that the credits are over will sales drop? Are web hits down because the tax credits have ended?

This is what I see in the micro market of Eastman with observations of the Upper Valley and New London/Lake Sunapee mixed in.

May was most likely the quietest May I will ever see. At least lets hope so!! June started off slow but finished strong. The activity I see in my office has been steady to fairly busy. The mid priced home is no longer a non existing market. There has been several homes in the $350,000 to $550,000 price range that have gone under agreement. There always seems to be some action in the sub $200,000 range. Currently the selection of Eastman Lake waterfront homes is down and it would be good to get some inventory in that category. ($500,000 plus with good water access)

I think land sales are down for the obvious reason. Why build when you can buy existing for less?? Condo sales? No that’s a good question. Are sales down because of the maintenance fees? Are buyers looking at homes and just see better values than a condo? There are some great prices on Eastman condos but can buyers be watching their monthly dollar expense so closely and they are not figuring for repairs on a home making a home look inexpensive?  Home maintenance is not a monthly expense but it still adds up by the end of a year?

I can not understand why condos are so over looked right now. Maybe the vacation buyer has really been taken out of the market? If that’s the case than condo sales will remain slow until those buyers come back. About 75% of Eastman condos are vacation homes.

OK enough typing, home sales are up HUGE and that’s GREAT news!!

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