Condo Activity Picking Up

It’s the beginning of March 2011 and after a very slow year of condo sales in 2010 things appear to be picking up. Currently there is only one condo under agreement but considering that is the first potential sale on almost 6 months this is great news!!!

Activity with potential buyers has increased too. Currently there are 27 condos on the market and buyers have been looking. I’ve personally shown some of my listings to buyers and  representing my sellers on showings with other agents. Showings in the last quarter of 2010 were few and far between. This month is historically the busiest month for condos to go under agreement as May is historically the busiest month for condo property transfers.  My thinking for this is, if a buyer wants a condo, they want to get it before the start of the summer season. Closing in May gives the new owner a bit of time to make the condo theirs before the start of summers play time.

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