Eastman Tennis And Golf Are Going Full Tilt

This hasn’t been the warmest or driest of spring time weather but the outdoor activities are well under way.

The tennis teams have started the Summer league play. Eastman has three teams again this year, only this time there is a Men’s A, Men’s B and Woman’s B. Both the Men’s A and Woman’s teams have started match play. The Men’s B team travels tonight to Lebanon to play CCBA for their first match of the season. All men’s matches are played on Tuesday nights. The men’s A team has a bye this week. The women play Wednesday evenings and have played two matches also. All team matches start at 6PM.

The golf course is in fantastic shape with very little winter grass kill the greens and fairways look just beautiful!! With the new approach to grass maintenance you will see some longer grass areas this year. These areas are going to be areas where you are least likely to hit a ball. This is going to reduce mowing, maintenance, man hours and chemical use. The golf committee has hit a home run with the new $99 membership (this is a limited membership). Last I heard membership was up over 400 people. This is well above last years membership total.

If it would only stop raining, everyone would want to get into the action!!


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