National Association of Realtors National Convention 2011

Recently I was fortunate enough to visit California and attend the NAR National Convention.

I was there for 4 days. Mostly I spent my time in classes and seminars. The education that I got was impressive. I am hoping I can translate that knowledge into making me a better Real Estate agent and better my service to my clients.

Some of the highlights were listening to Michael Eisner speak about management, using your time and resources to their fullest and making a budget that works. It was quite interesting to listen to him speak then show us examples of his work. It was, this is how I want to do it and this is how we did it watch this. Very interesting!!

Another highlight was listening to Lawrence Yun, he is the chief economist for the NAR. He spoke for over an hour and his outlook was for a recovery in housing to happen sooner rather than later and the historical charts and statistics he used really proved his point and made us believers. Well almost….It’s not that I didn’t buy into his theories, I just believe that (on a local basis) there are too many homes on the market to make a quick turn around. Eastman NH is still carrying 62 homes and 24 condos for sale. This number is down especially the homes but it is December and it’s just a few more weeks and new listings will start to hit the market right after the holidays.

I started to get off track but one other thing I wanted to mention how important QUALITY photos are. The internet plays such a huge roll in selling a home and I’ve always know that. Learning from some of the pro’s out in Anaheim will make me better and benefit my clients!!! One thing I have done is upgraded my camera and lens. I am certain this will pay off for my clients and as I learn more about the camera the photos will only get better and better.

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