Eastman NH Condo Sales 2014

As strange of a year home sales were in the local area, condo sales were very steady and right in line with the last few years.

In 2014 there were 15 units sold. In 2013 there were 14 sales, 2012 there were 18 and 2011 there were 13 units sold. So this past year we were right on the average for the last four years and technically sales were up 7%.

Its hard to use a percentage when you look at such small numbers but my take is, sales were just fine and right where they should be. Here’s the other interesting part. The average sale price forĀ  condos in Eastman in 2013 was $164,779. The average for 2014 was $154,516. This is no surprise to me. It’s a drop of just over 6%. Pricing is key with condos and the best “deals” are the ones that sold.

2015 is off to a running start. There are 5 units that are under agreement or pending sale. This is a fantastic number for this time of year.