Eastman Home & Condo Sales Stats 2018 Half Year

The Eastman RE market is much warmer and not because its summer. Last year was a very tough year for condo sales. It was one of the lowest total condo unit sales in years, there was 12 for all of 2017 and only 3 for the first half of the year. This year, condo sales are moving right along. From 01/01/18 to the end of June there was there was 16 condos sold. This is an outstanding number. For houses, 2018 has been just slightly slower year to date. There have been 29 homes sold vs 33 for last year. So condo sales are whats driving this market. In total unit sales 2018 has 45 year to date vs 36 last year. Looking at whats under agreement and pending, I fully expect 2018 to be one of the best overall markets we’ve seen in years. If we can break 100 total units for the year, that would be awesome!!