First Time Home Buyer, Are You Too Late?

As we wind down to the end of October some of the first time home buyers I am working with are really starting to scramble. Sure there is talk that the tax credit will be extended but for now we have to act and believe that November 30th will be the last day of eligibility.

Basically we have five weeks from today to close a transaction. Normally it takes at least six weeks for a loan to process add in the the fact that closings are already piling up at the end of the month trying to squeeze one more in is going to be more difficult each and ever day that passes.

The other issue is multiple buyers for the same property. Yes you could save up to $8000 in taxes but if there are more than one buyer for a home that will drive the price of the home up and I bet it will be more than than $8000. Another problem is the better homes will be bought first.

My advice is don’t wait any longer make a decision! The other option is to hope the government steps in an extends the credit. If that happens then we will all get some breathing room.

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