Eastman Lake And Anderson Pond

Many times over the course of a year I get asked, “How big is Eastman Lake?” or “How many acres is Anderson Pond?”

Here are the answers: Let’s start with Anderson Pond. It is about 2000 feet long and approximately 375 feet wide. I’ve searched and searched and could not find documented information so I measured a topographic map as best I could. This would put the pond at 17.2 acres. I think it’s safe to say the pond is under 20 acres.

Eastman Lake is a much larger body of water. Eastman Pond as it was once known, was 145 acres before it was expanded. When the property that is ow Eastman went up for sale in 1968, there was actually an ad in the Boston Herald that said “145 acre expandable lake surrounded by nearly 2500 acres of woodland”. Interesting! I can’t imagine that we will ever see an ad like that again.

So, as Eastman Lake is today, the surface area, depending on what you read is from 320 acres to 345 acres. I’ll go with what the state has on a topo map which is 320 acres. The lake is about 2 miles long and averages about 1500′ wide. There is an islandĀ  called Heron Island and Eastman residents can camp on it. You would have to sign up to camp through the Eastman Recreation Department. Space is limited and use is on a first come first serve basis.

Here is a PDF file of the topo map: Eastman Lake, Grantham

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