Country Houses Is Winning The Eastman NH Market

Looking at the most recent condo and home sales in Eastman, NH it is extremely clear, we are by far the leading real estate company! Especially in Eastman!!

Right now there are seven properties either pending sale, or contingent. Contingent means that there is a signed Purchase and Sales Agreement and there are either inspections to complete or financing to obtain. Pending is when the property is about to be transferred. Usually within a few weeks of going from the contingent status to pending.

Here are the numbers: Of the seven properties, four are houses and three are condos. Six are Country Houses listings, six buyers are Country Houses Buyers, one house is listed by an out of area agency and as of right now I do not know who brought the buyer.

Here’s another way to look at this. There are two transaction sides to each sale, the seller side and the buyer side. So 7×2=14 total transaction sides. Country Houses is part of 12 of the 14 sides.

Why should you list with Country Houses? These numbers are just proof that our location, right here in Eastman, is the place buyers come to find their Eastman home or condo.

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