Eastman Condominium Floor Plans

The Eastman community has 336 condominiums. There are six basic Eastman Condo Floor Plans, but the original four designs are the most common. They are the Wheelock, Webster, Ledyard, and Parkhurst.

The Wheelock is the smallest floor plan. A two level has approximately 1,155 square feet. The Parkhurst is the largest of the original four, totaling approximately 1,521 square feet on two levels.

There are some variations to the floor plans, but most changes are found if there is a lower level. Many lower levels were finished to the original owners liking, without changing any structural supports. The Webster and Parkhurst are the two units that could be altered the easiest on the main or second floor. Some were altered during construction and some interior changes take place as properties change hands or owners needs change.

Another variation found is with the Ledyard. Nearly all were built with spiral stairs. The exception is in West Cove “C” where a slight floor plan change was made adding some square footage, but most importantly removing the spiral stairs and changing the stairs to a more conventional style.

Last, but not least, is the addition of the A Design and the B Design. Towards the end of the condominium development there was a decision made to adapt the four original units by taking the best features of the four and build two options. These units are three floors. The “A” has 2,300 square feet and the “B” has 2,489. These units not only make great vacation getaways, but work well for full time living. The only issue with these units is that there is limited supply. Only 53 are in existence versus 283 for the original four.

With six floor plans, there’s a design for everyone!