Eastman Condo Fees For 2010

The new Eastman Condo Association rates have been set for the year 2010. Only three sections remain the same as last year and the East Lake Association has decided to manage themselves. This is a bold and interesting move, I wish them luck. The cost’s are:

ASSOCIATION                                            2010 FEE’S

WEST COVE “A”                                              $292

WEST COVE “B”                                              $305

WEST COVE “C”                                              $292

WEST COVE “D”                                              $330  WITH A $80 A MONTH SPECIAL ASSESSMENT FOR ROOFS

EAST LAKE                                                      $286

SOUTH SHORE I                                             $400 WITH A $500 SPECIAL ASSESSMENT PER QUARTER

SOUTH SHORE II                                            $335

SOUTH SHORE III                                           $320

SOUTH COVE HEIGHTS                                   $325

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