Spring Has Sprung In Eastman NH

It appears that spring has truly sprung quite a bit early this year. I’m always skeptical when we get a few warm days in March as most times it is just a tease and we get some more cold air or even a late winter storm.

Even if it does snow most people don’t seem to mind as winters end is near and we know the snow won’t stick around for very long.

All the local lakes have iced out, the earliest in years even decades! I went to the club house for dinner last night and I notice the distance markers on the driving range were out. Usually they don’t go out until things get really dry. The golf course is on schedule to open on April 17th with all the greens open too! That is just amazing!

Tennis playing should be starting soon and I’ve hear from a great source that kids have been swimming in the lake already.The source was one of my best friends and he and his kids were the one’s swimming and I do not doubt that they did.

Time now for me to close up the office and get outside. It is going to be a busy week so I need to get some sunshine while I can.

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