Eastman NH Average Cost Per Square Foot

Here is a quick overview of pricing and cost per square foot in Eastman NH from 01/01/2010 through 04/19/2010.

A little over three and half months of 2010 have passed and we have had 14 home sales. (Compared to last year that is a huge number). One of the homes sold was a completed shell of a home, that locals know, is on the corner of Cove Dr and Old Spring. Since that house was unfinished I took that out of this calculation. That leaves thirteen homes that had an average cost per square foot of $147.70

This is significantly above the New Hampshire state average of $122.63 (as of 3/31/10) and shows that there is value in Eastman Community that buyers are willing to pay for.

Here’s another stat that shows value. The median selling price for properties in New Hampshire for the month of March 2010 was $179,900. In Eastman the median price, year to date is $219,499. Again I think this shows home value that buyers sometimes question. I’ve often been asked, why homes are so “cheap” or “inexpensive” in Eastman. Well, compared to some areas there is cost and value differences that makes Eastman list prices look like bargain pricing particularly when you compare to values out of state like Massachusetts and Connecticut. Comparing Eastman to the entire New Hampshire Real Estate market Eastman holds it’s.

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