Home Sales Statistics For Grantham & Eastman NH Nov. 09′

The latest local sales stats are finally out. For New Hampshire, the average days on market is down and the median sales price is up month over month, up 20%. That’s great news for sellers. The third number that I like to watch is the average selling price per square foot. This number was down month over month but is still well above the five year low set in February of 09′.

Grantham home sales were up month over month mostly due to the strength in Eastman home sales. We have seen a significant jump in activity locally. I know that 2009 started off in a terrible way. As bad as it was in the first few months, I know that we finished strong.

If you do download the PDF, I’ve also included the sales stats for Sullivan and Merrimack Counties. The most interesting stat I see in the county breakdown is that fewer new listings are coming on the market. This seems to be a trend as I have noticed that for several months. If this trend continues, the total inventory will become less, as homes sell there will be fewer and fewer choices and that will translate into pricing stabilization and even strength.

I’ve said this many times before but a shrinking inventory and interest rates that are bound to rise, now is the time to buy. If there is any downward price movement in homes, and I doubt there will be much, it will cost you so much more if you get a higher interest rate.

Sales Stats November 09′

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