Eastman Golf Links And The Environment

I had a chance to listen to the Eastman Golf Links head grounds keeper today. The program he put on was short and very interesting. I like to golf but I don’t get a chance to get out all that much so I learned a few things today.

Did you know that there are Owl boxes installed to provideĀ  homes for Barred Owls? These boxes are attached high in trees in hopes of luring and providing a safe home for these birds. They are a natural way to help keep the mole and mice populations down. They’ve also tried this idea with butterflies by installing butterfly houses.

Has anyone noticed that there are areas of long grass where they only mow it once a year? These areas require no watering, no fertilizer and also act as a buffer to absorb run off into the ponds and streams. This saves mowing time, gas, water, fertilizer and maintenance. As a buffer of water run off, these grassy areas help keep the ponds and streams cleaner.

How about the water system? Computer controlled sprinkler heads put the water where its needed and when its needed.Water conservation is huge with this system by controlling amounts, time of day, direction there is less wasted water usage. The grounds grew has the ability to hand water where they can water very specific areas that are in need.

Over all Eastman Golf links is one of a few leading golf courses that is working with the environment that will benefit nature and the golf experience.

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