Eastman Condo Buyers

Although the sales numbers for condos are down so far this year we are starting to see some activity that wasn’t there just a few weeks ago.

There has been four condo sales this year, not a lot! Three of those sales took place in January and February and the fourth in June.

Recently however we’ve received calls on condos from print ad’s and web hit’s are up. A few good waterfront units just came to market, at what seem to be attractive prices. Several showings have taken place and one unit went under agreement.

It’s not a lot but comparing this to what was happening earlier this year, I am encouraged. The news out of Wall St. last week was very positive and earnings seem to be strong. As the stock market rises, the vacation home buyer (condos core buyer) will return and I believe we will finish the year on a strong note. I don’t want to hinge condo sales on a strong stock market but it certainly helps. A stable or climbing market is never a bad thing and will help the second home market.

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