Home And Condo Sale Stats For Sullivan County

I was just looking at the most recent sales stats for Eastman NH, Sullivan County and across the state of New Hampshire. I will get specific to Eastman in another post. To get the PDF click on NNEREN Stats 2011.

The biggest thing that I see for Sullivan County is the fact that the median residential home sale price is down 10.29% for the year compared to 2010. That is a healthy number, way to big than we want to see!!! The number of houses sold in 2011 v. 2010 are about the same (355 v.352) so prices have dropped!! Home prices across the state are down 6.19%

The median price of condos dropped 20.78% but when there is only 12 condos sold in Sullivan County for the entire year of 2010 then we sell 22 in 2011 I could see that number being swayed easily. Twelve condo sales for an entire year is just to small a number to be statistically accurate. If we look at the entire state the median sale price of a condo is only down 6.06%

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