Eastman NH 11′ Condo Sales

Hard to believe that we are three weeks into the new year already….how time flies!!!

For all you condo owners, potential and future here is what 2011 looked like for Eastman Condo sales.

For the year there were 9 units sold. The lowest priced was 68 Pintail Knob for $130,000 The highest priced was 24 Pleasant Dr. a waterfront Parkhurst, selling for $260,000. The median price was $185,000 and the average price was $191,100. Usually the median price is used but since there are only 9 sales using the median or average is fair and realistic.

On a business note…. All the condos that sold last year were listed by Country Houses. On the buyer side Country Houses brought the buyer to 7 of the 9 units. I think it’s fair to say that we at Country Houses will get your condo sold!! 9 sales equals 18 transaction sides (buyer/seller) and we had 16 of 18!!!

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