Eastman NH Home Sales First Half Of 2014

Well, as I’m sure we all remember, 2014 started out on a cold and wintery note!! Eastman NH home and condo sales certainly were affected by the weather. The unfortunate part is that even though we are half way through the year home sales have not recovered. However condo sales are up!!

The big question that no 0ne seems to be able to put their finger on is WHY are home sales lagging? Here are the numbers: Homes sold in the first half of 2013— 30, first half of 2014— 22. Condo sales first half of 2013— 4,  first half of 2014—- 9

If you look at home and condo sales separately the numbers are up and down. Combined there were 34 properties sold in 2013 v. 31 sold in 2014. Did some of the condo buyers just find better value in a condo and not a house? Were more buyers this year vacation owners rather than primary home buyers? Condos typically sell to vacationers, so did condos take the wind out of home sales? My educated guess is maybe a few.

I like the total sales number, it puts the year into a better, more positive perspective. Three property sales less this year could have been the winter weather. Hopefully sales will pick up the second half of this year.

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