Eastman, NH Sales Stats Year to Date for 2017

As the summer winds down, I was just thinking that this year has been steady compared to last year’s hustle. What I’ve found out is this year has been busier than I thought. Using the dates of January 1st through September 9th, 2016 and this year starting in January through today, here are some eye opening numbers.

In 2016 there was 54 home sales compared to this year’s 51. That’s not that far off the mark considering last year was the busiest year since 2003. What’s eye opening is that condo sales are slow. In 2016 there were 15 condos sold compared to this year’s 7. That’s a huge drop!! Where did the vacation buyer go?

If you are a seller, the following numbers will make you happy. In 2016 the average sales price of a home was $240,868 and the median was $225,000. This year’s numbers are up. The average sales price is $270,433 and the median sales price is $240,000. That’s a nice jump up!! Considering the numbers of home sales, these numbers are a good indicator.

The condo sales numbers are just as impressive, but when you’re using 7 unit sales for comparison, I’m not as impressed. For 2016 the average sale was $143,333 and the median sale was $126,500. In 2017 the average sale price is $185,057 and the median sales price is $199,900. Yes, these numbers are up big, but the sample size is rather small and I look forward to seeing what the year end numbers will be.

I hope this helps to shed some light on the 2017 real estate market here in Eastman, NH.