Eastman Home & Condo Sales Jan-Dec 1st, ’17

With one month left in 2017 total sales numbers are taking shape.

Let’s start with homes: In 2017 so far there have been 65 homes sold compared to 73 in 2016. This is not a bad number , we are just comparing to a big year last year. Even though sales totals are down, the good news prices are up significantly. The average sales price in 2016 was $237,805 this year its $267,338 Thats a jump of nearly 12.5% Even the median sales price is up, in 2016 the median price was $225,000 and this year its $240,000.

Condos have a similar story when it comes to pricing, but sales are way down. So far this year there have been 10 condo sales. Last year there was 24. I don’t really have an answer for the decline but it seems the vacation buyer is largely missing from the market. The good news is the average sales price is up 11.9%. In 2016 the average sale price was $156,020, in 2017 the average sales price is $185,540. I don’t believe the median sales price is statistically viable with only 10 unit sales this year. The difference is over $60,000. Thats a very strong number but lets focus on the strength in the average price increase.

I don’t think these numbers will change that much by year end but I will keep you updated. Enjoy the holiday season!!