Eastman Lake 09/04/2010

There are some interesting things happening in the Eastman Community this time of year. The biggest change is that there are actually leaves falling from trees! It still feels like summer with the high temperatures we’ve been having. Even after the hurricane that wasn’t, we have sunny skies and temps in the mid seventies.

The hillside around the lake and surrounding areas are showing faint signs of color other than green. I suspect that we could have a very bright foliage year with the dry summer that we have had. It could also go the other way and be a muted color year? I guess time will tell……

Some great events are happening today, like the Eastman Community yard sale. This is a big event every year when residents gather to swap and sell belongings that might not be needed. At least until next year when some things get bought back.

How about dinner down at South Cove Activity Center. It’s catered by Bistro Nouveau and should be a lot of fun. Dinner starts at 5pm so get there early, you might need tickets to get in.

Anyway enjoy this fine weekend…..

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