Eastman NH Home Sales vs. Other Communities

Home sales in the Eastman Community seem to be a big topic these days. I get asked several time a week, “how are things going”, “is anything selling”, or “are there any buyers looking”. The answer to these questions are: Good, Yes and Yes.

Before I get into some statistics on sales, I want to talk about the Eastman New Member Fee and ECA Annual Fee. The New Member Fee is a one time fee that is paid at time of closing. Almost all buyers of Eastman property are well aware of this fee before they arrive at the community to look at housing. The internet has helped buyers do plenty of research so they are educated before they get to the main entrance. The annual Eastman Community Association fee is a bit harder to explain. Most buyers that don’t have young kids understand it just fine. It’s when you get a younger family that wants to buy a vacation home, they don’t understand that some of the Eastman amenities are not included. As of this writing Eastman is considering bumping up the ECA annual fee about $220.00 so that owners can gain access to everything but golf at no extra cost. We will see what happens in a few short weeks if this change will take place.

Now for some sales stats:

Currently in Eastman there are 87 homes actively for sale, 39 homes sold, 25 closed between $200-400,000 and 4 sold between $400-600,00.

New London has 90 homes active for sale, 24 have sold, 14 between $200-400,000 and 5 between $400-600,00

Enfield has 93 homes active for sale, 29 have sold, 11 between $200-400,00 and 4 between $400-600,00

Lebanon has 138 homes active for sale, 66 have sold, 31 between $200-400,00 and 5 between $400-600,000

What I see is New London has the slowest selling market out of the four areas. Enfield is the second slowest market. Eastman would come in third just behind Lebanon. Why are more houses selling in Lebanon? There is a disproportionate amount of homes selling under $200,000.

If you ask me, Eastman home sales are as good if not better than other local markets. Eastman is a community that that appeals to many, not everybody, but no community appeals to everyone. Eastman does offer a lot and people that live here really do enjoy the life style.

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