New Hampshire Real Estate Sales Stats May 2011

I’ve been trying to find some positive news in the real estate market and it is hard to do. But this trend seems to be several months in the making. These are not the greatest numbers but a trend is a trend.

The median selling price for all properties in good old New Hampshire is $175,000. There have been increases for the past three months since hitting a low of $169,000 in February. Another positive stat is the average selling price per square foot. At the end of May buyers were paying on average $115.02 per square foot. This is up from a low set four months ago of $109.00

Another stat that I don’t like to use because there are just to many ways for it to be measured and altered is days on market. Although the number dropped in a rather big way it is not in a trend. Over the last seven months the number has been up 4 times and down three. If you have any questions as to why I don’t like the days on market number I will gladly explain it to you.

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