Eastman NH Home and Condo Sales 2019 Through Q3

This post is a bit late but better late then never!!

For the year 2019 and quarter ending September 30th, here are the stats compared to the same time frame from 2018

In 2019 there have been 50 home sales, 2018 there were 64. This is the largest drop, year over year that I have seen in over a decade!! The main reason is lack of inventory. Buyers are still very selective and they are not going to buy a home they are not thrilled with. The good news is the median sales price is up from $247,500 to $268,000 and the average sales price is up from $276,379 to $286,590. Not a huge jump but the uptrend continues in the right direction.

For condos, there were 22 units sold in 2019 and 20 sold in 2018. So condo sales are up 2! Additionally, and more impressive is the average sales price in 2018 was $172,287 and 2019 the average is $197,992. The median sales price in 2018 was $160,000 vs $189,750. This is a significant jump in pricing power, largely due to the low inventory and higher quality of units being sold.

If you are a seller of either a home or condo, we are now in the 3rd year of rising prices. Looking into the future and the spring of 2020, I expect that trend to continue. The wild card at this time is, it is an election year. Only time will tell how the politics of the year will affect the real estate market here in Eastman NH.