Eastman NH Home & Condo Sales 2015

Well 2015 came and went as fast as I can ever remember year going by. People asked me what I did this year and with little doubt I reply “I worked”.

It was a good year for me and a good one for Eastman. Home and condo sales were up compared to last year. Here are the numbers:

Homes Sold 2014–44   Homes Sold 2015–51

Condos Sold 2014–15  Condos Sold 2015–26

Although the total home sales were less then 2013 when 56 homes sold, the total combined sales was the best since the peak of the market in 2006. Total combined sales in 2015–77 total combined sales in 2006 was 83. All the years in-between were lower. 2011 was the bottom in total sales when only 37 properties transferred.

If your thinking of selling, now is a good time to hit the market. Inventory is the lowest its been in years. If we can maintain the pace of home/condo sales like 2015 prices will start to head up. Something we have been waiting for for nearly 10 years!!