Eastman Home & Condo Sales Through Q3 2018

I’m sorry this post is almost 2 weeks late but when blog posts are delayed, thats a good indication that the real estate market is busy!! Writing blog posts about sales stats is really one of my favorite parts of my job. Here is the good news!!

We are now through the first 3/4 of the year and sales are ahead of last year by a considerable amount. Home and condo sales through 09/30/18 are as follows: Home’s: 64 Condo’s: 20 for a total of 84 units. For the same time period in 2017 there were: Home’s: 59  Condo’s: 7 for a total of 66. I’m not surprised that home sales are up 8% I expected that. What I didn’t expect is the jump in condo sales!! At nearly three times the sale rate, who would have guess that? The real question is, were condo sales that good this year or were they just that bad last year? Statistically, last year was a very off year and I don’t have a concrete explanation as to why.

The bottom line is unit sales are up and thats a good thing!!